Sunday, 11 July 2010

Shop Handmade Australia

Hi All,

Well it certainly is a small world and only about 4 weeks before I was due to jet off down under on holidays I was contacted by the lovely Julie of Shop Handmade Canberra in Australia. Their setup is slightly different, they started with their very popular Handmade Markets held 4 times each year which has now grown to become a high street shop in addition to the market. Shop Handmade Canberra opened in April only 7 weeks prior to my visit and I have to say the shop is gorgeous and the ladies behind the concept were lovely and all so very talented.

My visit was timed well as the next day the Handmade Market was on so I ventured over to browse over 120 stall holders in a beautiful location with so much on offer. It got my mind racing and I could just see so many of the gorgeous products our UK designer-makers create on the shelves of a high street shop dedicated to only handmade. Here's a look at Shop Handmade Canberra and some of the things I bought while there.
Store front in Allara Street Canberra

Me with Rachel from Shop Handmade Canberra

Shop Pics

Some of the goodies I purchased
Thanks to Julie, Tania, Rachel & Jennie, the store is stunning & it was so lovely to meet you all and see a team so dedicated to handmade.



  1. Whoo hoo it was so lovely to meet you Belinda, yes a shop in the UK would be amazing, oh what about an Australian designer shop in the UK?.......
    A big hello to all handmade people everywhere xx

  2. What a lovely post! Thank you SO much Belinda. So wonderful to share the love across the oceans... we can't wait to come and visit you!!



  3. Well, this is nice store. I think this kind of handmade items inspire us. I am always inspired with that.


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