Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dreamaid - Help build their new Knowledge Base

Hi All,

I've been contacted by, they are one of the new sites I blogged about last week here as they are currently working on their new knowledge base system. They are seeking members help to comment and vote on their plans. Whilst the full details of Dreamaids' knowledge base has not been released yet, from what I have been told it's where handicrafts people can exchange techniques, ideas and expertise but with a few features over and above your standard forum.

The knowledge base is due to be launched next week so those who are already members, and those who join now will receive an invite to participate in this project. Dreamaid are still being filmed as part of a TV documentary, due to air in November which will no doubt result in much PR and hype over the site and those sellers already selling there. If you would like to help build their new knowledge base then please sign up now. Don't forget, it's free to list on Dreamaid.



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