Friday, 25 September 2009

Try new markets & list your handmade goods for FREE!

Hi All,

Most Sellers are now planning their Christmas stocks, planning any craft fairs we have booked and looking at ways to capture new customers. Many of us are already selling on multiple sites and I think it's fair to say what works for one seller doesn't always work for another, therefore it's best to try different selling sites for ourselves. If you're like me and want to know what's new and where you can try for free then read on as I've found a few new selling sites but more importantly those I'm featuring today are FREE to list on so you can try them without spending a penny.Dreamaid - This UK based site with a global presence is not entirely new, they launched in April this year however much PR work since has been focused on their charity, but that's changing. This site has an interesting concept, Dreamaid is a selling site supporting artist / designers like you and I globally plus there is the Dreamaid Charity which aims to support artisans in poorer countries to help get their products to markets out side their normal reach and for a fair price. Sellers can list as many products as they wish for free and in line with their ethos you can donate a percentage of the sale of your goods to the Dreamaid Charity thereby giving poorer artisans a chance to create and support themselves. Currently listings are indefinite and you only pay a fee of 10% when you sell an item. The site has many new functions and features in the pipeline and the site also supports multiple currencies & languages.

Dreamaid is now focusing on their UK promotions and will soon be featured as part of a 1 hour documentary due to be aired on UK TV in November. No doubt the public interest and their online traffic will skyrocket as a result of this publicity. So with free listings, charitable donations and well planned PR, now is definitely the time to try Dreamaid.

My Ehive - Another UK based selling platform who is just 1 year old and rapidly growing, My Ehive works on a subscription basis with a choice of three shop levels. Your subscription is the only fee you pay, no other listing fees or commissions are payable. Starting on the first level, Bronze will get you a free shop which allows up to 5 products. You can upgrade to Silver for just £4.99 pcm allowing up to 25 products and Gold for £9.99 pcm which allows up to 100 product listings. Both Silver & Gold shops offer some great features like detailed stats, discount codes, shop sections & stock control. All listings no matter what level of subscription you sign up to are indefinite and My Ehive support multiple currencies. I think the Bronze level is a great starter package to give My Ehive a go and all for free.

Dawanda - Based in Germany and considered the main EU selling site it has 3 selling platforms, German, French & English. Currently listings are free on the French & English platforms whilst they are in Beta. They do intend on charging in future but will announce this to members in good time before fees are implemented. As a guide fees on the German platform currently start at €0.10 and increase to €0.30 depending on the price of your item. You only pay a commission of 5% when an item is sold and all listings are live for 120 days. While listings are still free, which might only be for a few more months I'd try out Dawanda now.

Zibbet - Launched in February this year, it's founders are Australian based but this site certainly has a global feel to it. Zibbet offers 2 subscription based shop levels. Basic which is free to list and no commission charges which allows up to 25 products & Premium which is currently on a limited and reduced rate of $7 pcm, normally $15 pcm and allows unlimited products. Zibbet obviously came into this market listening to sellers needs and with some great features like coupons & discounts, import from Etsy, shop customisation, bulk image upload and copy existing listings, I think this could be one to watch.

So all you need is a little time and your products could be in a whole new marketplace capturing new customers, all for free.



  1. Thank you for this post. I've decided to give Dreamaid a try and listed some of my items. Found the site extremely fast to upload and very straight forward to use as a seller. Will see how things go. Thanks Julia.

  2. This is a very useful post: thank you.

    I am just getting started and so far I am actively using folksy and signed up to etsy: i'm now going to consider the sites you listed!

    Just added you on twitter as ImHooped to get a regualr update of your news!

    Many Thanks

  3. Dreamaid is about to launch a major upgrade to the site. We will be making the homepage more clearly a market place and separating the Dreamaid Charity onto a new website.

    As part of our drive to listen to our Dreamers, we would like to invite comment on our plans for a new knowledge base, where handicrafts people can exchange techniques, ideas and expertise.

    Our experience is that people love to learn from one another and this will give them the opportunity to share learning in a great new environment.

    Best Wishes,

    Peter McAteer

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