Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Last Call for Competition Donations!

Hi All,

I'm finalising plans for the Shop Handmade UK competition / giveaway. Thanks for those who have donated items already: See The Woods, Studio Gilead, Hollie Lollie, CV Jewellery, April Daisies, Beady Pool, Jenny Flower Blue, Dig the Earth, Dollipops, Myfuroshiki, Mia Belle Jewellery, Milly & Pip, Big Blue Bed & Gooseberry Moon.

The deadline for donations is October 9th. The competition will be open from 19th October to 30th November. There will be a dedicated competition page on the website, all designers who donate will have their store details added to the page. The competition will be promoted outside the crafting community with an aim to draw buyers to the directory and in turn to your selling sites. The competition and all prizes will be displayed at the Handm@de Fair in Oxford on 29th November where Shop Handmade UK is co-exhibiting with Mia Belle Jewellery. Last year Handm@de Fair Oxford had over 1300 visitors so we're hoping to gain many entrants to the competition from this fair.

If you would like to donate please leave a comment here or email me on info[@]shophandmade.co.uk.



  1. I'll donate. Not sure what yet! How about a pixie hoody, size 92?

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    That would be lovely, thank you. Can you please email me and I'll send you the address details.

    Many Thanks

  3. Hi, just joined your following. I'd be happy to donate a poppy necklace.


  4. Hi, new to your community I would be interested in supplying soap with glass dish both handmade by me in Kent.

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