Saturday, 25 July 2009

1000 Designers Milestone Reached!

Hi All,

I've just updated the directory with 21 new designers / makers and I'm thrilled to say that this takes the total designers listed on Shop Handmade UK to over 1000. When I started Shop Handmade UK in December 2008 there was 520 listed so that's some growth. More importantly that's many great stores with lots of fabulous products on offer by talented Brits.

This does mean the site needs a little makeover and the directory needs to be split and reorganised to help buyers find what they are looking for. Over the next few weeks I will be making some category suggestions so please comment.

Here is a selection of those new designers recently added to the site:From top left:
Jim Jam Sandwich, Tobyboo, Gemma Correll, Polka,
t-boo, Fen & Ned, Little Bird Too, Three Red Apples,
Eiriel's Eclectics, Girl Industries, Bodrighy Wood, Frute Juce


  1. Thank you for adding my little red mushroom fridge magnet to your picture mosaic.

  2. Oooh! Thanks for adding me too :D
    (Three Red Apples)

  3. And thanks for adding my cherry cup cake brooch :-)