Monday, 11 May 2009

Shop Handmade UK Sampler Box Poll

Hi All,

You may recall the Sample box poll I posted a few weeks back. Quite a few of you who voted requested more information on sample boxes so as promised I will explain a bit more about how they work.

The main aim of a sample box is to allow handmakers to get their product sample or discount card in the hands of as many buyers as possible, buyers who want to try new products and are looking to purchase. You can donate either a discount card or a product, the product can be sample size or full size that is up to you and of course the products you sell. You can donate as many samples as you like or are financially able to. The amount of boxes offered to buyers is determined after samples are received by the organiser (Shop Handamde UK) and split to ensure each box is well stocked and buyers receive value for money. This is usually 12-15 products per box.

The benefits of a sampler box is that it's co-ordinated, marketed and organised on your behalf and you benefit from being alongside other handmakers offering quality products and services. Buyers have just the one place to purchase multiple samples from rather than asking many makers for a sample.

There would be a dedicated page on Shop Handmade UK for the sample box, each handmaker who has donated to the box would have an advert on this page with link to their store. The boxes would be sold through either Etsy, Folksy, Misi or Coriandr or a mix, this again depends on what the majority wants.

This is very much at the idea stage, I'm looking for more votes and input by way of comments so if anyone has any questions or suggestions please speak up. Previously it was suggested to have samples for trade buyers. I think this is a great idea, I'm very much for promoting wholesale markets having just created our new Wholesale Page so this is something I will look at in future. For now I'm concentrating more on retail buyers.

I've attached the poll below again so please vote if you haven't already.



  1. I'd be interested, I don't mind whether it was UK or international, I'm not fussy about where my customers come from :)

  2. LOL I'm with fibrespace, as long as they have money we lurve them

  3. Thank you for the explaination about the boxes, I understand now how they work. I would like to participate, I think to offer to all retail buyers would be my choice.

  4. I think it's a really good idea, I'm the same I don't mind whether it's just to UK or International as well.

  5. I think it's a good idea. As long as the product is a good selection I think they would make a good gift. I know my friends would love them.

  6. Having taken part in several and received a box in return for one, the quality of the contents is paramount. I know it costs but I'd suggest buying one to see how you feel as a buyer receiving the samples and then decide whether it's for you and of so, what you would offer in the hope that it would portray the quality of your work and encourage someone to buy from you. Put yourself in the buyers' shoes. If I'd paid for the box I received I'd have been disappointed. Not saying it's not a good idea, just that it has to be quality. Buyers want value for money in these cash tight times.

  7. It sounds like a good idea to me! And I'd be interested in UK and international buyers. Thanks for arranging! :-)

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  9. Hi, what I meant to say was,Yes, this sounds like a fabulous idea! I,ve only just discovered this blog and wanted to thank you for showing my "Dulcie" wedding favour boxes !! It was a lovely surprise!

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