Tuesday, 3 March 2009

UK Selling Opportunities

I'm still here! I'm currently updating Shop Handmade UK with new sellers of handmade lovelyness. Most submit via the site but I also trawl the main sites to find new sellers. As a jewellery maker I'm used to the jewellery categories bursting with listings, it's a competitive product so I was amazed to see some categories offer a few opportunities. If your goods fall into these categories or if you've been thinking about turning your hand to something creative or perhaps a new craft then it might be worth considering a new store:


Edible - There are no Edible goods listed on Coriandr. Folksy as yet does not permit edible goods so if you make yummy treats worth a look.

Bath & Body Care - There is just 1, yes 1 Bath & Body care seller listed AND they are US based, IMO this is a great opportunity to set up a shop here and benefit from UK sales.

Candles - Only 1 seller with 4 items.

Furniture - Just 1 page.


Furniture - Again there are only a few pages. You needn't make from scratch you can upcycle or decorate.

These are observations only and we really like to promote the 3 main UK based selling platforms (Coriandr, Folksy & Misi) as these are most likely to bring in UK buyers and support us UK makers.



  1. Great blog and I love it. Has fabulous potential. Is there room to do a weekly artist feature/interview. Or a shop search UK handmade. I would be a willing contributer/reasearcher. Let me know what you think.

  2. Hello,
    Just been writing on the Folksy forum about getting UK promotion, there is a big lack of it at the mo. So put me forward in helping in anyway as I have decided this is the year to go forth and promote!

  3. Thanks for the info!

  4. Hello, I've just been listed on your site, am I too late to be featured in you etsy mini?

    I've also just done a treasury featuring etsy sellers from Yorkshire to try and show UK buyers how good etsy's 'shop local' feature is:

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your comments. In reply:

    SweetPeaknits - Thanks, I've just made a load of changes to the site and Featured Designer is one of these. I will definately keep your offer in mind and may be in touch soon. Thanks!

    Sew Recycled: Please drop me an email via the contact page on the site if you would like to be considered for a feature.

    PennyDog: Thanks, hope it was useful.

    Rachel Lucie: No not too late, it will be an ongoing rotation, I have faved you and the sellers in your Fab treasury so every few days I will add a few new items to my fav list and these will shop on the top of the Etsy Mini shown on the blog.