Wednesday, 7 January 2009

'Love Is' Competition live - Enter Now!

I've had quite a few sellers ask me how they can get their product featured or if they can advertise in the picture galleries so with Valentines day approaching I felt I would spread the love a little. I'm offering the chance to WIN your product featured in one of Shop Handmade UK’s image galleries. There are a total of 49 spots to be won between the individual Category pages, the Handmade Directory page and the Home page. The competition starts today, Wed 7th Jan 2009 and closes Fri 23rd Jan 2009.

Winners will be featured on Shop Handmade from Monday 26th Jan for the 3 weeks leading up to Valentines Day.

To enter simply go to our Contact page fill in your name and email, in the subject box type in 'Love Is Comp' and in the Message box enter your business name, product category and a link to the product you want featured and feel fits the ‘Love Is’ theme. All entries will be shortlisted by category first and then the best selected for the Home Page & the Handmade Directory.

Do not be discouraged if you don’t have anything heart related, your product does not have to be obvious so be creative and inventive but if you do have lots of red hearts then lets see them. As long as your product image reflects love and romance you’re in with a chance.

Any questions please leave a comment.

All the best


  1. yay i just entered!
    although i have only just requested an add from you so i don't know if that makes a diff...
    i've added your link to my site anyways :)
    it's a fantastic site you have!! i can't believe i've only just found it now!

  2. Hi Raffles,

    Yes I received both your inclusion to the directory and your competition entry. That's fine to send them in together. Good Luck.


  3. ooh awesome...does that mean i'm in the directory? (trying not to get excited incase it hasnt happened yet)

  4. Yes you are in the directory, check here:
    I love your Misi store Av!