Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all who have added or updated their site to http://www.shophandmade.co.uk

From speaking to others on forums I know many have sales splits like myself which is approximately 50-80% of Etsy sales are US. I personally feel UK buyers prefer to purchase in GBP and with exchange rates changing as much as they have it makes perfect sense, so my call is to all to get their UK sites listed on the directory. If you have a store at http://www.folksy.com, http://www.misi.me.uk or http://www.coriandr.com then please add these now so UK buyers can find you.

Also some have asked if you can list your store in more than 1 category, if you have products that sit in different categories then please add your store to both or more if applicable.

Have a safe holiday season!
http://www.shophandmade.co.uk directory. Please add a link to us on your website or blog as the more UK artists, designers, crafters & makers we get listed on the site the better for increasing the profile of handmade products in the UK.